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Python-IT offers a fully managed Email package with any website hosting product, we do all the hard work so you can access your emails from anywhere from using a website browser or your smart phone.

Our business email solution is ideal for busy professionals, letting you create email addresses for your own domain as well as create additional mailboxes for your employees. Rest assured that Python-IT comes fully loaded with anti-spam and virus-filtering technology to help ensure that your mailboxes are secure and always online.

Just some of the additional benefits to using our services.

  • Mail to your PC, Laptop or Smartphone - Great for static office staff, Mail is delivered direct to your PC or laptop. (POP3)
  • Mail is always stored on our servers and can be accessed by your computer or mobile device, this method is great for mobile employees . (IMAP)
  • Mail is accessed from a web browser to any user who has access to a web browser and an internet connection. This method is ideal for mobile employees who don't have a permanent PC or Laptop (PythonMail)

Python IT offer all kinds of IT Services from managed IT Support to Website design making us your one stop shop for all things IT related. 
Click one of the links below to select the service you are interested in. If for some reason the service is not listed here, please use the contact button at the bottom as we may offer the service you require.


One Stop shop

Consolidation of IT Services

Consolidating your IT Services. Consolidating your IT Services. Working in the IT sector for the past 25 years I’ve seen the same situation occur time and time again. Two different companies arguing as to who owns a particular problem. The kind of problem where the software company blames the hardware company and the hardware company […]

Sage Warning

Sage advice: Avoid the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Sage advice: Avoid the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Sage Accounting software developer has issued a warning that the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition may break your Sage 50 installation. In an advisory circulated to customers yesterday, Sage says the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system can create a conflict that leaves people unable to access their Sage accounts. […]

Clogged laptop fan

Laptop running hot

Why is my laptop running hot? Clogged Laptop fan. Ever touched your laptop and it’s been red hot? Like most computer equipment, laptops have an internal fan to cool the heat sink. Through a vent (normally on the side of the laptop) it draws air in from it’s surroundings. Effectively turning your laptop into a […]

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